Sustainable Systems believes that those who acknowledge environmental concerns early and who meet this awareness with a proactive response will be the leaders of the next decades.   Those who quickly grasp the inevitable changes and demands already taking place have the best chance of protecting and developing their own enterprises, while meeting the expectations of an increasingly aware population.

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are systems  that  are  sustainable   -   the  way  to  the  future


Sustainable Systems - Creating the future, today


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Sustainable Systems Limited is a business committed to raising awareness of local and international concerns regarding environmental deterioration.   A second part of this commitment is to assist businesses, professions, communities and groups by providing information and, through a consultative process, building policies and strategies that protect and develop both their own and the environment’s interests.



We offer a variety of workshops, adapting content, format and process to suit the needs of the client.

 Method:   Sustainable Systems bases its service on a 4-step process:

  1. listens to and grasps client’s situation, needs and dilemmas

  2. provides information, education, resourcing and process as appropriate to need

  3. reflects with client on the implications of this information, moving towards a policy and action plan

  4. facilitates different ways of thinking and acting that bring personal, organisational and environmental well-being together


The method does not consist in telling clients how to think or what to do.   Rather, it works alongside clients in a sharing of knowledge and experience, drawing out the client’s own expertise, and together finding ways to success that protect and sustain the environment.


Sustainable Systems is committed to you having the best service.   Included in this goal for excellence is an emphasis on networking.   Sustainable Systems is happy to advise clients of alternative expertise.


Free consultancy is available to discuss need and a suitable programme.


Format:    Most workshops hold a balance of

one-third, information input

one-third, group participation

one-third, solution focus


Workshop and education programmes can be:




1 day


2 consecutive days


2 days with 1 week apart


2 to 3 hour sessions over 4 to 8 weeks


or as negotiated


Content: Workshop themes are negotiated at the initial consultation. For example:


sustainable development and its application to client need


environmental damage, its implications for the future, and how to confront it


a future for business alongside a future for the environment


staff training


specific issues  -  air, water, soil, biodiversity, resources, waste


how do I make my business, profession, organisation, environmentally sound?


education programmes, including for schools


bottom lines or bottom line




"An excellent workshop.   One of the best I’ve attended.   Learned absolutely heaps. Would attend more workshops by Des Casey”

“I enjoyed the way Des set up the workshop, and especially the professional and flexible way he ran the workshop”

“The past three days have been well worth my time and thank you for your ability to impart knowledge so skilfully and create a good bond for the group”

“Very well run, structured two days.   Enjoyable and informative”

“Really helpful day, Des – you are a clear humorous helpful teacher”

“Very good seminars – among the best I’ve been to for years”

“Excellent facilitation.   Making sure our needs were taken into account”

“A great week!   I liked the style of presentation – relaxed, but professional”


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Home More Information Workshops Testimonials Mentoring


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Contact Details:

education for sustainable development - Sustainable Systems - Creating the future, today

Des Casey (Director)

Sustainable Systems Ltd

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Post: PO Box 21771, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand



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