Sustainable Systems believes that those who acknowledge environmental concerns early and who meet this awareness with a proactive response will be the leaders of the next decades.   Those who quickly grasp the inevitable changes and demands already taking place have the best chance of protecting and developing their own enterprises, while meeting the expectations of an increasingly aware population.



are systems  that  are  sustainable   -   the  way  to  the  future


Sustainable Systems - Creating the future, today


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  •  clarify your business reality

  •  be the author of your dreams and vision

  •  identify your concerns and work out a sustainable solution

  •  create new strategies

  •  win - win


  make a difference in your world

  • The coaching, mentoring or supervision relationship is a working alliance.   Through it you will clarify your business reality in the context of sustainability.   By reflecting on this reality you will grow in competence, confidence and creativity.   The coaching/mentoring that Des offers is focused on sustainable practice – personal, business and, in particular, environmental (ecological).



  • The process is, at least in part, reflexive, enabling a conversation that examines the realities of your world and takes account of your own process in this.   The intention is to generate together something new and better, again in the context of sustainability.



  • Alongside the focus on sustainability will be focus on your, the client’s, concerns.   (Research indicates that this is central for client satisfaction – Shanfield, Matthews & Hetherly).   Des works to clarify the contexts in which your concerns exist, and then to strive together in the co-production of new ideas, goals and vision, and in the creation of new strategies and methods to achieve them.


YES you have the time to plan and grow

  • The coaching, mentoring and supervision offered is a site for articulating and reflecting in partnership on business, personal and relationship realities, with a view to a sustainable forward path.   The search is for a win-win result:  a win for you, the client, and a win for the environment.   How to maintain standards and benefits, and at the same time care for the environment, for species and for eco-systems.



  • Ideas of collaboration and empowerment are central.   Although my role includes that of trainer and adviser, these sit alongside roles of validation, legitimacy and support that will draw out your own “author-ity” (K.Crocket).   There is a sharing of two (or more) ‘expertises’.



Des has worked in the fields of coaching, mentoring and supervision for over 20 years.   He has proven ability in achieving positive outcomes by building relationships of trust, competency and collaboration.   He is skilled in inquiry and intervention, and has excellent understanding of process as well as content.


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