Sustainable Systems believes that those who acknowledge environmental concerns early and who meet this awareness with a proactive response will be the leaders of the next decades.   Those who quickly grasp the inevitable changes and demands already taking place have the best chance of protecting and developing their own enterprises, while meeting the expectations of an increasingly aware population.

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are systems  that  are  sustainable   -   the  way  to  the  future


Sustainable Systems - Creating the future, today


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The focus for Sustainable Systems is the provision of programmes of education, training and support, and, in a consultative process, the search for solutions that further the particular goals of a business or organisation while advancing a sustainable environment.  

Sustainable Systems Ltd is founded on three central principles

  1. environmental sustainability is fundamental to a viable future

  2. environmental deterioration is now widespread and deep-seated, requiring urgent attention

  3. sustainable development offers real opportunity for leadership and  success.


Sustainable Systems is a business committed to raising awareness of local, national and global  concerns regarding environmental deterioration, and to position these issues in a manageable context.




to influence and support business, civil society, government, NGOs, the professions and community organisations to be leaders in environmental sustainability


to communicate information


to educate for sustainable development


to link success in business and occupational interest with environmental protection



Sustainable Systems is led by Des Casey.   Des has an extensive background of 25 years in community and business organisations, initiating and educating for change in a variety of contexts.   Throughout that time he has created and facilitated workshops in many areas, and has tutored for three tertiary institutions. Des is actively involved in Sustainable Business Network, The Earth Charter (committee member), and the NZ Association of Counsellors.


Sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

(The Brundtland Report, World Commission on Environment and Development)


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education for sustainable development - Sustainable Systems - Creating the future, today



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